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CETC® is the sole founder and creator of boutique English in Turkey. Due to the huge gap in professional and quality education availability, the founders decided to combine their 17 years of teaching experience with 15 years of business experience, thus, creating a partnership between two foreign educators and an experienced Turkish businessman in this sector.

From our small class sizes to our office atmosphere, you can sense and feel the comfort and personal touch our team has created. Our cozy environment enables students and staff to interact easily and fosters enjoyable learning. Our lessons are custom-made, thus catering to the needs of the student better.


To provide premium quality of General and Business English training to adult professionals in Turkey who are aspiring to improve themselves for their careers. To uphold the boutique style of training, our education is tailor-made and student to teacher ratio is kept to its most effectiveness so that the students’ English skills will improve significantly.


Our focus is to remain a boutique English training course providing a consistent level of high quality education to our adult professionals and young learners along with the joy of learning a second language. Tailor-made programs for the individual decipher us from other language centres. Our adult programs meet the needs of business people who require English in their careers, whereas the children’s program is based on the Canadian education system.

What is Boutique English Training?

Student-need oriented: The student’s language need in the business world is the main focus and skills in communicating in the target language is stressed.

Teacher dependability: The focus is to limit teacher turnover and provide students with qualified native speakers who have teaching experience in general and business English in Turkey.

Administration dependability: Nonexistence of bureaucracy enables the client to have direct contact with administration whenever the need arises. The willingness to provide prompt assistance will create a positive work relationship.

Education: The focus is on adult professionals whose time and language is of the utmost importance.In conjunction to this, the aim is to provide listening comprehension and speaking skills within an authentic framework.

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