Corporate Programs


Business English: All functions and skills are taught while using the context of business. Students learn business terminology, expressions and idioms that they can use on the job. Formal business and e-mail writing, presentation and negotiation skills are also covered in the program.

WORKSHOPS CETC® has the expertise and experience in providing in-house training to corporate professionals who need to improve their business skills and get ahead of the game. These short trainings can be two or three-day interactive workshops. The following workshops are offered:

Presentation Skills: Participants learn the necessary skills and techniques in order to deliver effective presentations with confidence and ease of delivery. Items, such as use of voice, expressions, how to develop a dynamic slide-show and much more are covered in the workshop.

Professional Socializing: This workshop enables participants to use the language effectively and fluently with emphasis on perfecting pronunciation and influencing others.

Effective Writing Skills: By presenting practical tools and techniques this writing training package is designed to ensure that the process of writing reports becomes an effective and integral communication mechanism within any organization. Participants learn about formal and informal language, how to write clearly and concisely and techniques associated with it.

Emotional Intelligence: Participants learn how to identify their core competencies personally and socially in order to be better leaders and workers, thus in turn, becoming more successful in the workplace. EI has been proven to increase productivity and success in major multinational firms.

Telephoning Skills: Since more and more business is done over the phone, executives need to be attune to what is being said while on the phone. Telephone etiquette, dealing with accents, effective listening, asking key questions to understand better are all covered in this program.

Meeting and Negotiation: Negotiation skills are not just required by the skilled salesperson or within labor-management relations – is an important skill that should be developed within all staff. This workshop will help participants to improve their negotiation skills through the implementation of a proven negotiation process.

Formal Professional Speaking and Writing: This workshop is held interactively and comprehensively. Participants are instructed on conversation conventions, business etiquette, formal vocabulary building, formal sentence techniques, indirect question forms, and types of correspondences. At the end of this workshop, participants are able to converse with foreigners with confidence and ease and correspond via e-mail without hesitation.

Interview Skills: Participants learn how to present themselves in interviews conducted in English. Key expressions, vocabulary and techniques are taught in an intensive one or two day workshops with highly skilled trainers. Focus is not only on language, but on proper voice usage, body language and question asking skills. Participants learn how to write a proper résumé and cover letter as well.

Small Talk:

Abroad Learning: Professionals have the chance to improve their English skills in Toronto or Vancouver. Participants join small, specialized business lessons with other foreign professionals where they develop their fluency, vocabulary building and improve their self-confidence.

Intensive: Participants complete 60 hours in two weeks from a selected timetable that suits them accordingly. Each day consists of five hours over 12 days and the student also has the chance to spend meals with the trainer. This program is excellent for any executive who needs to be close to work and doesn’t have the time to travel abroad.


Integrity and consistency are vital for us. Therefore, the following documents are provided to the HR departments at the end of each month for a close follow-up of the employees.

Progress Report: The trainer provides honest feedback of each participant’s performance for the month and makes suggestions on how to improve their language abilities. Quiz and test results are also provided.

Class Card Report: Shows the pacing, attendance level and activities done for the month.

Teacher & Student Evaluation Report: Students evaluate themselves, the teacher and CETC® administration. This feedback is sent back to CETC®.

Teacher Observation: Trainers are observed and monitored carefully by CETC®, and are observed at least once per level for either the group or private lesson.

Quizzes are given at the end of each chapter, a mid-term test midway through the level and a final test at the end of the course. These tests cover all basic skills of English, namely, listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Language Consultancy

CETC® provides language consultancy to firms that require assistance in their language development roadmap and corporate projects. We offer professional advice on how to properly achieve an effective English-based communication strategy and work closely with you in order to reach your targets. Custom made trainings and workshops.

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